What is the best diet for a healthy smile?

What is the best diet for a healthy smile?

Posted by Dr. Lee Sep 30, 2021

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A healthy diet, rich in minerals and nutrients, can prolong the typical lifespan of your teeth. Eating the right kinds of food not only keeps your teeth strong but also improves your overall oral health. As the winter holidays approaching people like to take special care of their health, appearance, and get in good shape so that they can stand out at those family-friends parties. If you are one of those people then you need to follow these steps to complement your appearance with a bright and beautiful smile.

More often than not we eat certain types of food that escalate the acid-building process in our mouth. The acid building is one of the most damaging aspects for your teeth and oral hygiene. It not only wears your teeth down but also causes bad breath and causes further damage to your gums.

What to avoid in your diet?

Sugary and high-starchy food escalates the acid-building process in your mouth. The bacteria present in your mouth converts carbohydrates and sugary forms of food into acids. These acids dissolve the crystals that make your teeth which causes dental erosion.

Most of the snacks we consume daily, such as cakes and cookies contain high sugar, on the other hand, snacks like chips are high in starch. Consuming these types of snacks too often can be harmful. Clamping down on snacks can prevent bacteria growth and subsequently slow down the acid-wear on your teeth.

Drinks like coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, wine, other alcoholic drinks, and any sweetened drinks increase the acid reflux inside your mouth. If you can’t control the consumption of snacks and these kinds of drinks make sure you wash your mouth properly after every snack or such drink.

What types of foods are good for your oral health?

Any type of food that doesn’t increase acid reflux and helps stimulating saliva flow in your mouth is good for your oral health.

Most dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, are high in calcium and protein which helps the teeth getting stronger. These foods also help in stimulating the saliva flow in your mouth which keeps the mouth clean.

Calcium and phosphorus are the two most important minerals which are essential for your healthy teeth. Adding vegetables that are rich in minerals can be very healthy. Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in calcium and other minerals. Other vegetables like carrots, celery, fruits like apples are extremely good for your health for the same reasons.

Lean meat, fish, almonds, and other nuts are good sources of protein and phosphorus. Adding them to your daily diet can help your teeth last longer. Any kind of food that has high fluoride in them is good for your teeth. Easy sources of fluoride can be beets, black beans, tomatoes, pork, and cheeses.

Apart from eating healthy, it is extremely important to wash your mouth properly after every meal so that the food particles stuck in between your teeth are washed away. Drinking an ample amount of water is highly recommended, it not only reduces the acid reflux but also keeps your mouth hydrated thus lowering the chances of ‘dry mouth’.

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