What is Stomatitis and what do you need to do to avoid it:

What is Stomatitis and what do you need to do to avoid it:

Posted by Dr. Lee Jul 29, 2022

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Stomatitis is a medical condition where people experience inflammation and soreness inside the mouth. The soreness or inflammation can be caused by a lot of factors including the sharp edge of a broken tooth, metallic braces, use of tobacco as well as gum disease. 

Stomatitis can occur inside the cheeks, on the gums, around your tongue, and even on the inner parts of your lips. There are different types of inflammation you might experience including cold sores. Stomatitis includes cold sores as well as aphthous ulcers which can be either fluid-filled or ulcer-like blisters. In some cases, these blisters can also appear on the roof of your mouth or even under your tongue. 

Cause of Blisters

Blisters can cause due to a lot of reasons including

  • Friction from the sharp edges of your metallic braces or any type of dentures you might be wearing. 
  • Complications from gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis. 
  • Side reactions from eating spicy food or consumption of hot beverages. 
  • Having an allergic reaction from a particular food and drink. 
  • Side Effects of any typical medications. 
  • Undergoing chemotherapy can also cause such side effects. 

These blisters can last for 5 to 10 days depending on what type of blisters they are. The typical syndromes are irritations, pain, soreness, and some flu-related symptoms. 

Prevention and Treatments for Stomatitis

Stomatitis can be avoided by adding a few good lifestyle choices to your daily life routine. 

  • Try to avoid drinks like coffee and tea of high temperatures. Extremely hot beverages can cause blisters and lead to Stomatitis. Too cold can also cause such blisters in case you have sensitivity issues in your mouth. Avoiding ice-cold foods or beverages is also highly recommended. 
  • Tobacco is another big reason for Stomatitis, as chewing tobacco causes harm to your mouth. Avoid any such tobacco products that can harm the inner skin of your mouth. 
  • Drinking an ample amount of water can be very helpful.
  • If you have blisters or mouth burns, gurgle with cold water or keep ice in your mouth. 
  • If the blisters are painful, contact your physician or use topical anesthetics that are available over the counter. 
  • Lidex gels, anti-inflammatory pastes like Aphthasol, or Peridex mouthwash can also provide you relief. 
  • Vitamin B12 deficiencies can also cause a lot of such issues. If you have such a deficiency add Vitamin B12 supplements to your diet. 
  • Cold sores can also lead to Stomatitis. If you are having symptoms of a cold explain any such symptoms you may be experiencing to your physician. 
  • Patients going through chemotherapy are usually monitored by their physicians for these types of symptoms. They are prescribed medication for such symptoms by their physician.

In case you experience any blisters, soreness, or ulcers in your mouth, it is highly recommended to visit your physician and get treated. Other than that, having a healthy lifestyle can help you avoid such scenarios. In case of any irritations experienced due to your metal braces or dentures, you must explain it to your dentist and get treated. 

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