The dos and don’ts while choosing a Toothbrush

The dos and don’ts while choosing a Toothbrush

Posted by Dr. Lee Sep 20, 2020

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Dental health is the single most important aspect of our oral hygiene and more often than not, we tend to take it for granted. The part where we often make this mistake is while buying a toothbrush. While some of us buy the cheap ‘saver pack’ for our family at the store, the others choose a toothbrush based on its color, look, and other less important factors. So what qualities define a good toothbrush? And, what should we avoid while buying a toothbrush for ourselves of our family members?

The Bristle

The bristle is the most important part of a toothbrush. Over the years, the research and studies have made a lot of changes to this particular part of a toothbrush. Typically, a toothbrush comes with an ultra-soft, soft, medium, and hard bristles. The softer the bristles, the costlier the toothbrush. This is where the majority of the buyers opt for a cheaper one without understanding the damages it will cost to their teeth.

Soft bristles protect our teeth and gums from any damages (bruises) while we are brushing, especially for those who have sensitive teeth or gums. But, a softer bristle provides a lot more than just protection to gums and teeth. A softer bristle means more flexibility, which helps it get in those gaps between the teeth and clean them properly. Though some may argue that a hard bristle removes plaque more aggressively, they might forget the damage it can cause to the gums and the tooth enamels


The head of the toothbrush is another important aspect as it holds the bristles together. Typically, an inch-tall and half an inch-wide, toothbrush head, is recommended for an adult. However, the head should be good enough to be able to fit as well as clean the sides and the inside of your teeth. A larger head can be difficult to operate for someone with a smaller mouth. So it is important to keep the size of the head and your mouth in mind while buying a toothbrush. Similarly. While buying one for your kid, always ensure you have the right size as they have smaller mouths and teeth compared to the adults.

Trust the Experts

The price tag or the brand never ensures the quality of any product, but a seal of approval from an expert can definitely do that. If your dentist hasn’t recommended any particular toothbrush you can always check for the approval seal from the ADA (American Dental Association) while buying one by yourself. ADA tests toothbrushes and provides approval of the quality of the bristles, the safety of using it under normal conditions, and the effectiveness of cleaning your teeth.

Electric or Manual?

Electric toothbrushes are designed to clean every part of the teeth set, however, they are not cheap. An electric powered toothbrush can cost several times more than a manual disposable toothbrush. Other than the initial cost, the powered toothbrushes also require new heads over a period of time, so it is not just a one-time investment.

If we take time and care while brushing our teeth and do it properly, a disposable toothbrush can do the job perfectly. But, in some cases, electric toothbrushes prove to be useful especially when we are considering kids who might not brush their teeth properly.

That’s all we need to keep in mind while buying a toothbrush for ourselves. A healthy set of teeth means a healthy life.

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