Most Common Myths About Dentistry

Most Common Myths About Dentistry

Posted by Dr. Lee Feb 22, 2019

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Hundreds of myths, are floating in the online space, concerning dental health and dentistry. Most of us are aware that good oral hygiene is important for our dental and overall health. However, the internet is flooded with dental hygiene advice and it can be difficult for one to tell which tips are trustworthy and which of them are dental myths.

Therefore, we’ve decided to introduce you to the most common dental care myths and debunk them:

 The harder you brush, the cleaner you’ll get your teeth.

The truth is that brushing too hard on your teeth will not make them cleaner but can rather harm them by eroding some of the enamel that protects the inside of the tooth from cavities and decay. To get the best out of brushing, dental experts recommend that you use a soft-bristled or an electronic toothbrush and combine it with a proper brushing technique. If you have any doubts about how to brush your teeth properly, don’t hesitate to contact your Burien dentist for advice.

The whiter your teeth, the healthier they are.

This can be true, but not always. Everyone’s teeth are not the same. Variables in enamel thickness, as well as enamel shade, give off different colors other than white, which are perfectly natural. As long as you maintain a proper personal dental hygiene and have routine dental check-ups and cleanings, you shouldn’t worry about teeth color impacting your overall health. However, if you’re unhappy with your teeth color for aesthetical reasons, consult with your Burien dentist to find out what are the best solutions for enhancing your smile.

Bad breath is a sign of gum disease.

The truth is that gum disease is only one of the possible causes of bad breath. The best thing to do if you experience bad breath, is to first visit your Burien dentist. If there’s nothing wrong with your dental health, then you should consult your primary care physician. Next to gum disease, bad breath can be caused by many other health issues, including digestive problems, respiratory tract infections, chronic sinus infections, diabetes, and liver or kidney problems.

If your gums bleed when you floss, you should stop flossing

Should your gums be bleeding during flossing, this is most probably caused by inflammation, due to bacteria and plaque stuck in between your teeth, where toothbrush bristles can’t reach. If you don’t have a regular flossing routine, it’s likely you’ll notice your gums bleeding during first attempts for flossing. However, if you make flossing a daily routine, the bleeding will go away over time.

If your smile looks and feels healthy, you don’t need to visit your Burien dentist

Even if you don’t experience any dental problems, it is always important to schedule dental exams and cleanings, at least twice per year to assure your teeth are really healthy. During regular checkups, your Burien dentist will be able to detect any changes in your oral health, like a cavity or a gum disease in its very early stage. Two short visits to your dentist every year can save you treatment time and lots of money on the long run.

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