How to take care of your kid’s oral health?

How to take care of your kid’s oral health?

Posted by Dr. Lee Apr 30, 2022

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Everything about kids is a bit more complicated. They cannot express their discomforts and problems properly, which makes it more difficult for adults to understand their conditions. Dental or oral health is always ignored among all kinds of health issues and when it comes to kids it’s even more difficult to evaluate for adults.

Dental health for kids is extremely important as it can trigger multiple factors in the future, including other health issues. Dental problems can cause toothache or discomfort for your kids. This can lead to irregular eating and cause malnutrition. Improper eating can be harmful to your children as it can hamper their growth and overall health.

Toothache or any kind of oral problem can keep them awake at night. As a result, incomplete sleep can make them feel irritated or cranky throughout the day. They can be in a bad mood and be restless, and be less energetic which can lead to a lack of physical activity. This can also hamper the growth of your children.

 To maintain proper dental care for your kids, make sure you are doing a few things correctly. Here we will discuss some good practices for the good dental or oral health of your kids.

Avoid too many sugary sippy drinks

Sweet sippy drinks are very common for parents to hand over to their kids in a bid to keep them hydrated or stop them from crying. However, sweet drinks can increase the bacteria buildup inside their mouth. Cutting down on sweet drinks can be helpful but if it’s not helping your child to have enough fluid, make sure you wash their mouth after a sweet drink or at least wash it down with a little water.

Don’t let them suck their thumb for long

Sucking on their thumb is a common scenario with kids. It helps them calm down and often helps them sleep faster. However, having their thumb inside their mouth for longer (especially while sleeping) can hamper the growth and the alignment of the upcoming permanent teeth. Make sure as they grow up the habit is not there anymore, especially at the age when the permanent teeth start growing. When they fall asleep, make sure they aren’t sucking their thumb any more.

Don’t let them fall asleep while they are being fed

More often than not, kids fall asleep as they are breastfed or being fed from sippy bottles. This means they are sleeping with milk or drinks inside their mouth. The sugary part of the drink can speed up bacteria buildup inside the mouth which can lead to tooth decay. It is important to make sure they don’t fall asleep with drinks or milk inside their mouth.

Detecting any growing dental problem your child may be developing is extremely important (the sooner the better). However, it can be difficult as they are not expressive enough about their problems. Due to this particular reason, it is important that your kid is examined by pedodontics (a dentist who deals with children’s teeth) regularly. Early detection can prevent serious issues and also help your child eat and sleep better. 

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