5 Things You Should Know About Professional Teeth Cleaning

5 Things You Should Know About Professional Teeth Cleaning

Posted by Dr. Lee Oct 30, 2022

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A flawless smile is a great asset to have and can be highly beneficial both for your self-confidence and your well-being. Billions of dollars are spent each year on restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, the first and most important step that Burien dentists recommend for maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile, is good oral hygiene and regular in-office teeth cleaning.

Here are the most important things you should know about professional teeth cleaning and why it is important for your health:

What is professional teeth cleaning?

A professional teeth cleaning is a relatively easy and fast dental procedure, done by your Burien hygienist or dentist at their office. Professional cleaning includes the usage of dental tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth — both above and below where the gum meets the tooth.

Regular cleaning prevents gum disease

Proper teeth cleaning is essential for preventing gum disease, which is quite dangerous not only for your looks, but also for your health. Gum disease can lead to both loss of teeth and loss of bone in your jaw and is a condition that people can suffer from without even realizing. Good dental hygiene and regular brushing and flossing is the first thing to keep in mind, but professional dental cleaning is also essential, as it is much more thorough and removes harmful bacteria that you simply can’t remove yourself.

Gum disease can lead to serious health conditions

There’s a strong correlation between a number of heart diseases and the health of your mouth. Although the relationship isn’t completely understood, it’s been proven by numerous studies that the bacteria, which cause gum disease, migrate into the blood vessels and cause inflammation. This in turn can lead to cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure or even heart stroke.

Researches also suggest that poor oral health may play a significant role in many chronic diseases, like diabetes. Even rheumatoid arthritis may have ties to your mouth. Cleaning teeth regularly could be the key to protecting your heart and preventing serious disease.

How is professional teeth cleaning performed?

Professional teeth cleaning is a relatively easy and fast dental procedure, which usually takes about an hour. The cleaning treatment involves the usage of several instruments, like:

Ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic breaks down plaque and washes away any residue or debris around the teeth. It operates at different vibrations and can be connected to a water spray to clean the treatment area.burien 2

Periodontal scalers

Periodontal scalers are used to scrape tartar off the surface of the teeth.


Polishers work to buff and smooth the surface of the teeth and are pain-free.

Fluoride treatment

Your Burien dentist might recommend finishing the cleaning of your teeth with the application of a fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth and is applied right after cleaning to ensure maximum absorption.

After In-office Teeth Cleaning

No matter how often you visit your Burien dentist, your oral hygiene at home is critical.burien 3

Make sure you:

  • Brush and floss your teeth after meals, or at least twice per day
  • Keep a healthy diet rich in vegetables
  • Avoid agents, which can affect negatively your smile, like tobacco, coffee, and alcohol

Make an appointment with your Burien dentist for every three months, if you have gum disease, or every six months, if you don’t have gum disease and are just maintaining good health.

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